Countervail Inc. has created a customized business bookkeeping system specifically for your needs, which will provide the basis for generating tax filing documents and record keeping as required by local and state laws.

Some items our system will help with include:

  • Saving money on taxes

  • In the event of an audit, reducing legal fees.

  • Creating and maintaining documentation for licensing requirements

  • Preparing for track & trace

  • Handling taxes, including tax preparation, sales tax, payroll tax, state and local taxes.


We offer bookkeeping, payroll, inventory tracking, financials, and reconciliations.  We will also handle your W-2, 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, payroll and payroll tax (F940/941) and payment vouchers.


Tax Preparation

Tax preparation involves more than just your annual tax returns.  We offer sales tax (reporting and filing), monthly, quarterly and annual tax reporting, local and state taxes as well as consulting in tax matters related to your business.


Legal Compliance

Compliance issues can be costly.  We are ready to handle your local and state permit and filing to ensure each year proper permits are obtained.  We also offer consulting in tax and legal matters related to your business.